An Anvil, A Furnace, and a Hammer

Lister Chain & Forge opened as a small blacksmith shop serving local tradesmen in the Pacific Northwest. Ward Lister opened shop in 1911, where he made a living forging horseshoes, steel carriage tires and buggy parts with an anvil, furnace and hammer.

As the area’s industries expanded, so did the shop’s capabilities. Boom chains were manufactured for loggers and kiln chain for the cement and pulp industries. While the shop’s first foray into marine products began with chains and anchors for the flourishing fishing industry.

Link by Link

Over the following decades, Lister grew rapidly through its commitment to innovation and unparalleled craftsmanship. In the 80s, Lister forged strong business relations all over America, including many of the nation’s shipyards. These shipyards included those producing United States Navy ships requiring specialized anchor chains, anchors & related fittings.

Lister saw the opportunity to support the needs of the United States Navy and Coast Guard. The first Department of Defense contract was received in 1985 when Lister Chain manufactured anchor chain for Bath Iron Works in Maine. Since then, Lister Chain has grown to provide American-made chain and anchors for the majority of the United States Navy and Coast Guard’s new ship construction.

Forging America’s Future

Over the last century, Lister has grown one link at a time, with a firm focus on customer relations and delivery of the highest quality chain products manufactured in America. We continue to serve the U.S. Armed Forces and our amazing servicemen and women by producing the highest quality anchor chains for their requirements.

The dedicated men and women who keep our forge running are committed to taking our manufacturing leadership further in the coming decades. We’re American-made and proud to be a part of the nation’s shining future.

Lister's Leadership

Each member of our leadership team brings decades of industry experience to our business. They remain hands-on in daily operations, and together, they ensure every order shipped meets the high quality you can expect from Lister Chain & Forge.

Mike Stobbart
Mike Stobbart

Michael Stobbart got his start at Lister Chain & Forge as a Boston-area sales representative in 1983. His work there helped maneuver the company into new waters with Department of Defense contracts and the initial production of anchor chain production for the United States Navy. After holding numerous sales and operations-management positions, Mike became president of Lister in 2004.

Orlando McCarty
Orlando McCarty
Quality Manager

After serving in the United States Army, Orlando McCarty began his career at Lister as a machine operator in 1991. Since then, he has held supervisory and management positions in all day-to-day operations of the company. Now, Orlando maintains leadership of Lister’s  Quality Systems—ensuring every product leaving the facility is of the highest quality.

Travis Pederson
Travis Pederson
General Manager, Operations

Travis Pederson came to Lister as a Manufacturer Engineer and has since held several management positions. He has brought a new prospective to the manufacturing environment supporting process automation, strategizing supply chains, and enhanced communications. In his current role he is responsible for ensuring equipment, product, and customer needs are met and maintained. Travis holds degrees from the University of Washington in Environmental Science, Mechanical (Manufacturing) Engineering, and has completed the University of Washington's Foster School of Business’ Business Management program.

Gary Brown
Gary Brown
Engineering Manager

Gary Brown joined Lister Chain & Forge in 2013 and brings 20 years of mechanical engineering experience to our operation, including a decade of work with marine-related products. As Engineering Manager, Gary is responsible for the technical aspects of our products and project specific customer requirements ensuring all specification and certifications are achieved. While attending the New Mexico State University, he earned a B.S degree in Mechanical Engineering.